You will likely be familiar with these two rooms:

Which we created for two lovely sisters back in 2015.
There’s no greater complement as a designer than to be asked back to a client’s home for a second time. This time, to create the perfect study/play space for her beautiful daughters. We built up so much trust through our first experience, that she handed the creative reigns over to me and said ‘I’m happy for you to do what you like, I know it will be stunning’.

As a designer, it was music to my ears and of course, the possibilities were endless. The room needed to be gorgeous, of course, but above all else, it needed to be practical for their specific requirements. There’s no point creating a space like this if it doesn’t address the key frustrations of their previous playroom. I spent a lot of time getting to know what didn’t work in their previous space, what the girls enjoyed doing and what the long term vision for the room was. I understood very quickly that it was important to my client that the girls had a multi-purpose space that they could use for studying, but also family game night, school projects and colouring! Our plans for desks across the the back two walls were quickly changed because in that configuration, the girls wouldn’t be able to work together – which is something they really enjoyed.

The room we created is real hub for this family. Mostly thanks to the incredible desk. The entire family can sit together and work on a school project, or play a board game. When the girls have friends over, there’s enough room for everyone. Jess and I drew up the plans for the desk, chose the colours and handles and had the team at Creative Co. build it for us. We estimate that it weighs about 300kgs. Yep, she’s huge.

The rest of the room was created in a soft and feminine colour scheme. The room just feels good to be in. But it’s also amazingly functional.

You might be asking where all the toys are in this playroom? Lucky for our client, there’s a walk in robe off this room which creates the perfect place to store all the toys when they’re not in use. I wonder if I can have robes off every toy room we create?

I hope you love this room as much as I do. If you’d like some help creating the perfect functional space for your home, please email




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