Before I started Petite Interior Co., almost 5 years ago, I remember my husband looking at me with concerned eyes when I told him that I’d like to open a Children’s Interior Design Studio, ‘Honey’ he said, placing a  hand on my knee, ‘I just don’t think anyone is going to hire you’.

And in typical Bel fashion, I pushed ahead anyway.

Hundreds and hundreds of rooms later, it’s safe to say that he ate his words, but it wasn’t the last time that I’ve been questioned about whether Children’s Interior Design is a real ‘thing’ that parents do. I’m hired for many reasons and each client is always very different, but there’s definitely a need for this specialised type of interior design as families get busier and busier. Today I’d love share some common reasons why client’s engage our services and perhaps if you’re considering working with a designer (for any room in your home), this may shed a little light on some of the many benefits.

Penelope's Room

  1. Working with an interior designer will save you money.

Don’t get me wrong, interior design is an investment and Children’s rooms, while usually small, can still be costly spaces to decorate. Whether you’re starting a nursery from scratch or updating an existing room, once you’ve added a few large furniture pieces, wallpaper and and a rug, most rooms are heading into the thousands of dollars. Children’s Interior designers are not only familiar with products in the children’s stores and retailers, but have a good understanding of what’s available in the larger design market that suit children’s rooms. We have great skills when it comes to mixing high and low end pieces to strike that perfectly balanced look. Designers can also advise client’s on which pieces will provide them with the maximum impact for their decorating dollars. Should I invest in wallpaper or would a large art piece be more impactful? Client’s working with designers generally purchase less, but purchase well. You also won’t be buying anything unnecessarily that doesn’t work with your room. Your designer won’t let you make expensive mistakes.

Oh, and have you heard about ‘designer discounts’? Most larger design studios will happily pass these onto their clients, meaning your consultation fees are usually negated by the discounts you’ll receive. Sometimes, your interior designer is even free. You’re welcome.


  1. Say Goodbye to overwhelm.

Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic resources but if you’re the kind of person that gets overwhelmed by lots of beautiful things, it’s easy to lose direction and sight of your vision. A great interior designer can help you better understand your personal style and guide you when it comes to making product selections. Instead of being overwhelmed by 100 different cushions, we’ll present you with 5 of the best, that suit your taste, space AND budget. Have you seen two rooms that you love on instagram? We’ll help you take the things you love about both styles and create something uniquely yours.

It’s no wonder that the interior designer/client bond is so strong!

Pretti's Room Tour

  1. They know how to do all the technical stuff.

Interior Designers have a myriad of cool programs at their disposal, all designed to assist their clients to make the big decisions when it comes to their homes. From mood boards, through to our 3D renders, we’re always at the forefront of design technology in our studio, because it helps us help our clients visualise what their completed rooms will look like. Are you trying to get the most from a small or awkward space? Maybe you have a huge space and just don’t know what to do with it all? What can you add to a space so it’s visually pleasing but ALSO inspiring for your child?

Your designer can present you with ideas and layouts that you would have never considered. Building a new home? A designer can bring your whole interior to life before a single brick is laid!

Nursery 3D Render


  1. We’re besties with the all the amazing suppliers.

And we’ve also got some great relationships with fabric suppliers, wallpaper suppliers and artists. Who sees all the beautiful new ranges and products before the public? The designers do! So if you’re on the hunt for something specific or you’re just not finding what you’re looking for, chances are, your designer knows just where to find it.

We’ve also been known to call in favours for our clients, so if you’re working with a designer, ask them to see if you can get your product a bit sooner/in a different colour/ or a different size!

Ava's Room Tour

And lastly,

  1. The design process is FUN!

Designers are so happy because they literally have the best job in the world. It’s a proven fact. If you’re not enjoying the process of designing your child’s room, consider bringing in an expert. They’ll help to get you back on the right track and put a concept together that reflects the things your little one loves, with the functionality your family needs.

Olivia's Room Tour

Bel Kurtz and the Petite Interior Co. team would love to assist you if you have any questions, requests or help with your project email


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