Friday Finds! October week #1


We recently put a poll on Instagram asking our followers what they would like to see more of from Petite Interior Co. “Product Finds” was the clear winner, though we hope to show a little more behind the scenes and personal stuff very soon! So without further ado, I welcome you to our very first Friday Finds! Each week we’ll present you with products we’re loving for kids spaces, starting with a lovely selection of our favourite things for girls spaces. We’ll break each month down into 4 categories – Girls rooms, Boys rooms, Nurseries and Playrooms! Hopefully you’ll find that perfect piece that you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve seen some new things that you think we’d love, please feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment below.

An honourable mention must go to Little P for Little People, whose new rugs JUST dropped into my inbox before pushing this post live. I adore them and I think you will too! Definitely worth checking out!




  1. Bed Drape | Leo and Bella – shop here
  2. Accent Chair – Amart furniture – shop here
  3. Bunny wall hanging – Boramiri – shop here
  4. Bed Linen – Country Road – shop here
  5. Cloud Light – Ginger Rock Designs – shop here
  6. Pom Pom Stool – Adairs – shop here
  7. Cases – Belle and Co. – shop here
  8. Pom Pom Blanket – Country Road – shop here
  9. Moon Wall hanging/mobile – Boramiri – shop here
  10. Rug – Land of Nod – shop here

We hope you love this week’s edition of Friday Finds! Please let us know if this is something you’d love for us to keep doing!

Bel and the Petite Interior Co. Team x

Hiring an Interior Designer will save you Money.

Before I started Petite Interior Co., almost 5 years ago, I remember my husband looking at me with concerned eyes when I told him that I’d like to open a Children’s Interior Design Studio, ‘Honey’ he said, placing a  hand on my knee, ‘I just don’t think anyone is going to hire you’.

And in typical Bel fashion, I pushed ahead anyway.

Hundreds and hundreds of rooms later, it’s safe to say that he ate his words, but it wasn’t the last time that I’ve been questioned about whether Children’s Interior Design is a real ‘thing’ that parents do. I’m hired for many reasons and each client is always very different, but there’s definitely a need for this specialised type of interior design as families get busier and busier. Today I’d love share some common reasons why client’s engage our services and perhaps if you’re considering working with a designer (for any room in your home), this may shed a little light on some of the many benefits.

Penelope's Room

  1. Working with an interior designer will save you money.

Don’t get me wrong, interior design is an investment and Children’s rooms, while usually small, can still be costly spaces to decorate. Whether you’re starting a nursery from scratch or updating an existing room, once you’ve added a few large furniture pieces, wallpaper and and a rug, most rooms are heading into the thousands of dollars. Children’s Interior designers are not only familiar with products in the children’s stores and retailers, but have a good understanding of what’s available in the larger design market that suit children’s rooms. We have great skills when it comes to mixing high and low end pieces to strike that perfectly balanced look. Designers can also advise client’s on which pieces will provide them with the maximum impact for their decorating dollars. Should I invest in wallpaper or would a large art piece be more impactful? Client’s working with designers generally purchase less, but purchase well. You also won’t be buying anything unnecessarily that doesn’t work with your room. Your designer won’t let you make expensive mistakes.

Oh, and have you heard about ‘designer discounts’? Most larger design studios will happily pass these onto their clients, meaning your consultation fees are usually negated by the discounts you’ll receive. Sometimes, your interior designer is even free. You’re welcome.


  1. Say Goodbye to overwhelm.

Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic resources but if you’re the kind of person that gets overwhelmed by lots of beautiful things, it’s easy to lose direction and sight of your vision. A great interior designer can help you better understand your personal style and guide you when it comes to making product selections. Instead of being overwhelmed by 100 different cushions, we’ll present you with 5 of the best, that suit your taste, space AND budget. Have you seen two rooms that you love on instagram? We’ll help you take the things you love about both styles and create something uniquely yours.

It’s no wonder that the interior designer/client bond is so strong!

Pretti's Room Tour

  1. They know how to do all the technical stuff.

Interior Designers have a myriad of cool programs at their disposal, all designed to assist their clients to make the big decisions when it comes to their homes. From mood boards, through to our 3D renders, we’re always at the forefront of design technology in our studio, because it helps us help our clients visualise what their completed rooms will look like. Are you trying to get the most from a small or awkward space? Maybe you have a huge space and just don’t know what to do with it all? What can you add to a space so it’s visually pleasing but ALSO inspiring for your child?

Your designer can present you with ideas and layouts that you would have never considered. Building a new home? A designer can bring your whole interior to life before a single brick is laid!

Nursery 3D Render


  1. We’re besties with the all the amazing suppliers.

And we’ve also got some great relationships with fabric suppliers, wallpaper suppliers and artists. Who sees all the beautiful new ranges and products before the public? The designers do! So if you’re on the hunt for something specific or you’re just not finding what you’re looking for, chances are, your designer knows just where to find it.

We’ve also been known to call in favours for our clients, so if you’re working with a designer, ask them to see if you can get your product a bit sooner/in a different colour/ or a different size!

Ava's Room Tour

And lastly,

  1. The design process is FUN!

Designers are so happy because they literally have the best job in the world. It’s a proven fact. If you’re not enjoying the process of designing your child’s room, consider bringing in an expert. They’ll help to get you back on the right track and put a concept together that reflects the things your little one loves, with the functionality your family needs.

Olivia's Room Tour

Bel Kurtz and the Petite Interior Co. team would love to assist you if you have any questions, requests or help with your project email

Stylish Children’s Books


Mum always taught me to never judge a book by it’s cover and for the most part, these are words that I still live by. The exception is ONLY when choosing beautiful books for styling projects. Beautiful books can add the perfect finishing touch to your child’s room design, particularly if you have installed forward facing bookshelves, like our favourite, the Ubabub BOOKSEE.


Over the years we have developed an impressive collection of beautiful books in our own home, but we regularly purchase for our clients too. Today, I’d love to share the ultimate round up of Children’s books that we feel are as gorgeous on the outside as they are on the inside. I’ve split the categories into books for boys and girls, however, we have books from both sections that my girls enjoy. If you have any other beautiful titles that you think we should know about, please pop us an email to let us know about them!





1 | Little People Big Dreams – Shop here
2 | Cloth Lullaby – Shop here
3 | The Mermaid and the Shoe – Shop here
4 | Uni the Unicorn – Shop here
5 | You Belong Here – Shop here
6 | The Red Shoes – Shop here
7 | Colette’s Lost Pet – Shop here
8 | Adventures with Barefoot Critters – Shop here
9 | Bonjour Camille – Shop here
10 | Florette – Shop here
11 | No Such Thing – Shop here
12 | Flora and the Flamingo – Shop here
13 | In My Heart – Shop here
14 | Imaginary Fred – Shop here
15 | Ruby Red Shoes – Shop here
16 | Chloe, Instead – Shop here
17 | Twig – Shop here
18 | Flyaway – Shop here
20 | The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade – Shop here
21 | Under the Same Sky – Shop here
22 | Love Is – Shop here 
23 | Nothing! – Shop here 
24 | Swan – Shop here
25 | Jill and Dragon – Shop here 
26 | The Sisters Saint – Claire – Shop here
27 | The Snow Rabbit – Shop here
28 | I Had a Favourite Dress – Shop here
29 | One Minute – Shop here
30 | If I wrote a book about You – Shop here
31 | Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau – Shop here






32 | The Lion Inside – Shop here
33 | Tough Guys (have feelings too) – Shop here
34 | Goodnight Everyone – Shop here
35 | Don’t call me Bear – Shop here
36 | A Beginners Guide to Bear spotting – Shop here
37 | We found a hat – Shop here
38 | The super book for Super heroes – Shop here
39 | I will not eat You – Shop here
40 | Slowdown World – Shop here
41 | An A-Z of Monsters and Magical beings – Shop here
42 | The way back home – Shop here
43 | This is not my hat – Shop here
44 | The great journey – Shop here
45 | Pool – Shop here
46 | Polar Bear’s Underwear – Shop here
47 | The Ricker Racker Club – Shop here
48 | The Moose belongs to me – Shop here
49 | The night box – Shop here
50 | Mopoke – Shop here
51 | Max – Shop here
52 | Mike I don’t Like – Shop here
53 | Maps – Shop here
54 | Diary of a time traveller – Shop here
55 | Grrrrrr – Shop here
56 | For just one day – Shop here
57 | Black Cat, White Cat – Shop here
58 | Max the Brave – Shop here
59 | Little Monkey – Shop here
60 | Australia Illustrated – Shop here
61 | Hide and Seek – Shop here
62 | Beastly Verse – Shop here
63 | Bob The Artist – Shop here
64 | Sky High – Shop here
65 | The hello Atlas – Shop here
66 | Leo, A ghost story – Shop here
67 | Along a long road – Shop here
68 | The Cave – Shop here

We purchase a lot of our books from the Book Depository, for the ease and number of our favourite books that are stocked, however you can find many of these titles in beautiful retailers all over the world.
* Affiliate links are used in this blog post, however always know we would never recommend a business or product that we don’t REALLY love. Happy reading!

KIDS ROOMS 101 – A new room for Asher


Asher’s new room is here, lovely followers. It’s been a minute since we’ve shared a new project with you all, and while it’s been all systems go on very exciting things behind the scenes, I’m thrilled to finally have another room to share with you. When I released Asher’s room below in 2014, I had no idea what it would mean for the business. If I could pinpoint an actual date when Petite Interior Co. (Petite Vintage Interiors at the time) went from a side business, to a full-time career, it was around the time this room hit social media. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for the comments, likes, pins and all round love you have shown for this space in the past 3.5 years. When it came to updating our Children’s Interior Decorating Course, Kids Rooms 101, this year, I volunteered Asher’s room for a makeover with trepidation – could I design something that would be just as loved? Dear followers, I’m thrilled to say that I think I’ve created a room that you’re going to adore, maybe even more than her first.

Asher's Room

Welcome to Asher’s new room for Kids Rooms 101! Click the video below to see the full tour, all the amazing suppliers and more about the course.

Before we talk a little further about Kids Rooms 101, and how you can register, let’s look at the beautiful products that I selected for Asher’s room, in more detail.


Perch Bunk Bed from Urban Baby |

When Asher said she wanted a bunk bed, I wasn’t thrilled. As mentioned in the video above, if you’ve ever looked for bunk beds, you’ll know there’s really not many around. Once I saw the Perch bunk though, it was impossible to find anything that compares. It’s also VERY difficult to get your hands on in Australia. Thankfully, the team from Urban Baby were able to track one down for me and I was just so impressed with the customer service that I received from the entire team. I can’t recommend them highly enough, not only for their amazing furniture range, but their entire catalogue of unique baby and kids products. They’re definitely worth checking out! We’re so happy with our bunk. The quality is amazing but I have to say, I just love the way it looks.



Hua Trees Wallpaper from Sian Zeng |

This beautiful wallpaper was my ‘must use’ item for this room design. I just adore the graduated pink of the trees peeking through all the furniture. Because Asher’s room is quite small, I decided to cover all 3 walls to make an even bigger statement.


‘The Asher’ Desk by Petite Interior Co x This Little Love |

In our interior design projects, we’re looking to custom made options more frequently. It gives us the opportunity to create something special for our clients and of course, let’s my imagination REALLY run wild. For Asher’s room, I loved the idea of a small desk in the corner, that also had some shelving for special items. Hayley and Shane from This Little Love have made some custom beds for me in the past, so I quickly sketched out my ideas for the Asher Desk, sent it over and their team got to work perfecting the design and bringing it to life. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and excited to collaborate with the TLL team! This prototype is a little high, so we’ll be perfecting the sizing before the release. Cute kids desks are so hard to come by and I think this really fills a gap in the market. They’ll be available in a variety of colours and could you imagine how amazing two or three would look side by side? Seriously adorable! To register your interest in the Asher Desk, click the link above.



Cloud No. 5 Print by Max Wanger |

Have you seen anything more beautiful for a child’s room than a single pink cloud floating through the sky? It was exactly the simple, but stunning, art piece that I needed to break up our pink wallpaper. The brass picture lamp adds an extra touch of glamour, I’m just obsessed with them. I think you’ll be seeing more picture lamps from us the future!



Booksee Shelves from Ubabub |

We’ve used them in client rooms many times and our followers always ask after them, so I had to use the amazing Booksee shelves in Asher’s room. They are so sturdy and fit so many books, they’re honestly the best forward facing book shelves on the market.



Ottomans by Peoni Home |

If we have any upholstery needs, Peoni Home are our go to supplier. They created the beautiful large ottoman for us in James Dunlop Velutti fabric in colour 311. The pink ottoman was purchased online at the last minute due to a little fabric delay, but Peoni Home can also whip one up for you with ease. I recommend the same Velutti fabric in colour 824.


Asher is wearing Seed jumper, Cotton on skirt and Walnut Melbourne shoes.

Ophelia Rug in Blush (Large) from Sage and Clare |

Is there such a thing as too much pink when you’re 5? We use this rug and the Grey Marlow from Sage and Clare in client rooms regularly and we just adore it. It’s hard wearing enough to withstand the heavy traffic in a child’s room but soft enough to sit and play on.


S Wave Sheer Curtains from In Curtains and Blinds |

We’ve specified so many of these beautiful curtains for clients in the past but this is actually the first time I’ve ordered custom curtains for my own home (we have plans to renovate soon!). What an amazing experience AND result. The soft light is beyond gorgeous!


Cushions from La Cerise Sur Le Gateu |

French brand, La Cerise Sur Le Gateu (which I have surely mis-pronounced in the video above!) is one of our go to’s for beautiful children’s cushions. I love their colour palette and minimal prints. They make a great base for layering other character cushions on top.


And we can’t forget the little details that really make the room special!


Baskets from Munchkin and Bear
House Cushion from Camomile London
Bear Cushion from Boo and Bear

Bed linen and Brass lamps from Designstuff
Alphabet Board from Alphaboard Co. 

Rainbow from One. Two. Tree
Bunny toy from Little Peach Handmade
Paper Rosettes from Kara Hynes


Thank you so much for coming on a tour of Asher’s new room! Do you have a room in your home that needs a little update? The new Kids Rooms 101 is launching tonight with an incredible enrolment price for the first 100 students only! Click HERE to secure your place and to read more about our wonderful course.


Thank you to Deb and Steve from Vellum Studios, who continue to capture all the rooms that I design so beautifully and Lemon Tree Filmhouse for their amazing videography! A big shout out also to Steve and Rachel from I Paper and Paint, who really rescued me after TWO painters and wallpapers cancelled at the last minute.

If you’d like to discuss your project with our Interior Design team, call Bel on 0418 983 442 or email




Mother’s Day 2017


Mothers’ Day is fast approaching and to celebrate we have asked some of our favourite mums juggling children and careers about their ultimate Mother’s Day. See the interview with our friends Kristy from Incy Interiors, Sam from Hobbe Home, Fabiola from Amor and Grace and Simone from Louvelle wear. These female owned businesses have created beautiful products to make that sleep in on Mother’s Day even more special and there are some special offers too!


Simone from Louvelle wear

Ultimate sleep-in travel destination?
I would love to have a luxurious sleep in at Hayman Island, that would be bliss!
Dream breakfast in bed?
I would love a green juice and an omelette with the newspaper and cuddles with my girls. Ideally then lounging around all day in one of our Louvelle robes!
How do you wind down for bed at night?
A glass of wine, a Netflix and if I’m really lucky a soak session in the tub.
What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
It’s probably having a beautiful photoshoot with my mum and my daughters – the bond between the 3 generations is so special to me.
What is the best thing about being a Mum?
The deepest love I have ever experienced and watching my little girl’s personalities as they grow up.
Best advice for Mum’s managing children and work?
Outsource as much as possible to keep your sanity, it’s not possible to do everything at the same time! Do this even if it means you pay yourself last.
What have you hinted at hubby as a gift for Mother’s Day this year?
I would love a trip to the One Wybellena day spa, it’s such an indulgence for mums to be pampered!
Louvelle is offering 15% off their new silk cotton robes for Mother’s Day 5- 8 May (code LOVEMUM).

Kristy from Incy Interiors

Ultimate sleep-in travel destination?
We have a trip booked to Borocay in The Phillipines for later in the year and right now that is what is getting me through the freezing cold mornings that have already started to set in.
Dream breakfast in bed?
I’m not big on eating in bed but my dream breakfast is really boring, it’s basically what I have most days – poached eggs on rye and a strong coffee.
How do you wind down for bed at night?
For me it’s all about putting the kids down to bed, and spending time with the hubby. We debrief about the day and just hang out with each other. It’s fun.
What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
I learnt everything about being a (good) mum from my mother. I’m so grateful for such a strong, loving role model. Every year on Mother’s Day we brunch together so I can spend time with her, and my kids can enjoy being with their grandmother.
What is the best thing about being a Mum?
I think being a mum has changed my perception of life and has given me an extra layer of selflessness. It makes me want to be a healthier, better person and work harder for everything I do.
Best advice for Mum’s managing children and work?
I won’t lie. Sometimes being a mum and juggling a business can be difficult. For me, the most important thing is not to compromise quality time with family time. Home life is dedicated to home, and business scheduled to hours throughout the work day.
What have you hinted at hubby as a gift for Mother’s Day this year?
2017 has been a really big year for us (and it’s only May!). Honestly, all I really want is to have a day together with the family. If hubby happens to pick up CHLOE perfume, then that will definitely make the day a little sweeter.
Incy Interiors is offering 20% off storewide for Mother’s Day


Sam from Hobbe Home

Ultimate sleep-in travel destination?
Give me a 5 star hotel with block out blinds and I’m one happy girl. With two boys under 3 and another baby on the way, sleeping in until my body wakes up naturally is a foreign concept at the moment!
Dream breakfast in bed?
A perfect hot coffee + a fresh fruit platter and a croissant. With everything to be eaten at leisure of course.
How do you wind down for bed at night?
Once the boys are in bed at around 6:30pm, I usually spend some time with my husband, do a little bit of work and then try and be in bed by 10pm. My ‘me’ routine has fallen by the wayside of late but one thing I’m fastidious about is massaging oil into my ever growing belly bump.
What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
I loved on my first ever Mother’s Day, my husband Pete organised a hunt around the house so our then 2 month old son Hugo and I had to follow the clues to find the various thoughtful gifts. I remember it was so early in the morning that it was dark outside, but such an unforgettable start to my first ever Mother’s Day. I will remember it forever.
What is the best thing about being a Mum?
Watching our little boys growing up together is pretty remarkable and by far my biggest achievement. People often mistake them for twins and yet their personalities couldn’t be more different. They are kind, loving, funny and empathetic (when they are not wrestling each other) and there are days where I still can’t believe that I get to be their Mum.
Best advice for Mum’s managing children and work?
For me, it’s being organised and outsourcing. Being organised often entails me being up earlier than everyone in our house (which is actually rather lovely and quiet) getting ‘house admin’ organised and lunches packed etc. From a work point of view, I am fortunate to have an amazing little team around me supporting the Hobbe vision and I find that the more I outsource, the greater capacity I have both at work and being a Mum.
What have you hinted at hubby as a gift for Mother’s Day this year?
Day spa please!
Hobbe Home is offering 15% off 11th-14th May with code LOVEMUM


Fabiola from Amor and Grace

Ultimate sleep in travel destination?
An island somewhere in the Pacific or Maldives. Take me back to my honeymoon before children became my alarm!! I’d also love to wake up in New York City for Christmas. That would be fun.
Dream breakfast in bed?
So after I sleep in and wake up slowly (I’m not a morning person), I’m served an omelette with coffee or freshly made juice and then I read a mag from cover to cover in one sitting, uninterrupted.
How do you wind down for bed at night?
If I want to guarantee sleep, I only have to open a book and read a couple of pages before I’m out. I haven’t finished a book in about 5 years since having kids… Otherwise a bit of Netflix or a chat with hubs and a cuppa in hand.
What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
I love waking up to breakfast in bed each Mothers Day and my girls bringing their handmade gifts and cards, hubs in tow with coffee. Last year the kids insisted we all eat our breakfasts in bed. That was a memory. We usually gather the matriarchs of the family for a meal and keep it simple, which I love. It really is the simple things in life.
What is the best thing about being a Mum?
Watching my children grow and develop into their own person. Also in their relationship with each other now that they’re a little older is really beautiful. I hope they’re best friends as they grow up.
Best advice for Mum’s managing children and work?
Plan and be organised but leave room for the unexpected to happen because it will. That’s the juggle and challenge of being a modern mum. Give yourself space for things to go off plan. Don’t sweat it and roll with the punches. You and your family will thank you for it.
What have you hinted at hubby as a gift for Mother’s Day this year?
I’ve had my eye on Ahoy Trader’s range of wall crosses. I’m yet to send my ‘hint’ email with a direct link to hubs though… Fingers crossed! I’m also trying to get my mum to write me a recipe book of all the amazing food she cooks. It’s all in her head right now.
Amor and Grace are offering 15% off until 14th May Promo code: MUMSDAY


Bel from Petite Interior Co.

Ultimate sleep-in travel destination?
Anywhere cold, where I could snuggle up under a million layers. There’s something about warmer weather and blue skies that makes me feel guilty if I’m not outside enjoying it.
Dream breakfast in bed?
A delicious coffee and Waffles or pancakes. The naughtier the better. 

How do you wind down for bed at night?
Due to work and family commitments, I often put my own needs last, but for the past few years there’s one thing I won’t compromise on and that’s my night time routine. I try to shut off my computer by 10pm, take a shower and spend a few minutes applying my skincare or having a quick face mask. Sometimes I’ll even blow dry my hair. I’ll then make a cup of camomile tea and watch a bit of TV before bed. This helps me to mentally unload all of my work, ready for sleep. If I don’t take this time, I find myself laying in bed for hours thinking about everything that needs to be done and I’ve also squeezed in a bit of me time. 

What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
I love the little get togethers that my daughters school and kindy have for the mums. The hand made gifts are the best. I’ll cherish those memories forever.
What is the best thing about being a Mum?
Watching my daughters grow and become their own people is the most amazing thing. Their confidence, bravery, the decisions they’re making and the way they see the world inspires me to be a better person every day. Raising my girls will always be the greatest achievement in my life.
Best advice for Mum’s managing children and work?
Managing children and work is always going to be a juggling act! I find that keeping to a loose schedule has always been the best way for me to feel on top of things, but also don’t get too hard on yourself if you need to throw a whole afternoon out the window because your child needs you. I have definitely let go of mother guilt and I always try to tell myself that I am doing the best I can. If I have happy kids, I’m happy.
What have you hinted at hubby as a gift for Mother’s Day this year?
I’d love a spa day! 




Holly’s Bedroom Update with Matt Blatt

It was only a few years ago that parents were limited to purchasing children’s furniture from baby stores. I remember Holly’s first cot set was matching white timber, all from the same range and brand. While there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with matching sets, there’s literally a whole world of other options out there, if you know where to look. Parents are now so spoiled for choice when it comes to furniture for little people and some of the best can be found in stores you may not have considered!

After sourcing pieces for my clients for years, last week I had the opportunity to work with Matt Blatt to give my 6 year old daughter, Holly, a mini bedroom makeover. My aim when browsing through the Matt Blatt website was to show parents that they can find some really amazing pieces that suit children’s spaces beautifully. The items I selected are whimsical, fun and practical but perhaps best of all, stylish and affordable! I think you’ll agree, the results are gorgeous and the Matt Blatt items that I selected bring a dash of maturity to the space too.


Using an existing desk, we added a chair, pencil holder, rug, lamp and side table to Holly’s room, all from Matt Blatt and all amazing. Let’s look at these pieces in closer detail.



I have loved this lamp for as long as I can remember. It’s instant glamour in any room and available in Silver as pictured. There’s also a larger version in a few different colours.



I don’t think pencil holders get much cuter than this! The perfect addition to any little one’s desk.



Children’s desk chairs can be so boring! As long as it’s the right height and comfortable for your child, dining chairs make great, affordable options.



Circular rugs are so popular for children’s rooms because they generally don’t require a large rug to fill the space. This one is a great size at 150cms, hardwearing with the jute centre and I love the gold edging.



I’ve always been a fan of this practical stool. It’s a great size for a side table if you’re pressed for space and it’s light weight construction is perfect for withstanding the harshest treatment from your little ones!



While this beauty didn’t make it into our shoot, I wanted to give a mention to this beautiful marble topped side table. Perfect if you need a larger table top.

The items I chose are such a small snippet of what’s available at Matt Blatt for every room in your home. So the next time you’re shopping around for the perfect pieces for your little ones, be sure to visit a Matt Blatt showroom or their online store, I’ll just know you’ll be surprised with what you find!

A big thank you to Kara Hynes for her beautiful photography x



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