A Play and Study room for Catherine and Genevieve.

You will likely be familiar with these two rooms:

Which we created for two lovely sisters back in 2015.
There’s no greater complement as a designer than to be asked back to a client’s home for a second time. This time, to create the perfect study/play space for her beautiful daughters. We built up so much trust through our first experience, that she handed the creative reigns over to me and said ‘I’m happy for you to do what you like, I know it will be stunning’.

As a designer, it was music to my ears and of course, the possibilities were endless. The room needed to be gorgeous, of course, but above all else, it needed to be practical for their specific requirements. There’s no point creating a space like this if it doesn’t address the key frustrations of their previous playroom. I spent a lot of time getting to know what didn’t work in their previous space, what the girls enjoyed doing and what the long term vision for the room was. I understood very quickly that it was important to my client that the girls had a multi-purpose space that they could use for studying, but also family game night, school projects and colouring! Our plans for desks across the the back two walls were quickly changed because in that configuration, the girls wouldn’t be able to work together – which is something they really enjoyed.

The room we created is real hub for this family. Mostly thanks to the incredible desk. The entire family can sit together and work on a school project, or play a board game. When the girls have friends over, there’s enough room for everyone. Jess and I drew up the plans for the desk, chose the colours and handles and had the team at Creative Co. build it for us. We estimate that it weighs about 300kgs. Yep, she’s huge.

The rest of the room was created in a soft and feminine colour scheme. The room just feels good to be in. But it’s also amazingly functional.

You might be asking where all the toys are in this playroom? Lucky for our client, there’s a walk in robe off this room which creates the perfect place to store all the toys when they’re not in use. I wonder if I can have robes off every toy room we create?

I hope you love this room as much as I do. If you’d like some help creating the perfect functional space for your home, please email hello@petiteinteriorco.com.au



How to Budget for your Design Project

As an Interior Designer, I get to know my clients on a pretty personal level. We’re invited into their homes, we get a deep understanding of their day to day lives and we need to have quite a few frank conversations about money! One of our most frequently asked money questions is ‘what does the average room cost?’
And the short answer to that question really depends on what the client thinks is average! We’re not here to say that one is better than the other, it really comes down to personal preference and circumstances.

At Petite Interior Co. we work with clients with most budgets.
(and I only say most because in some instances a client may be better off putting their entire budget towards their furniture).

In our portfolio you’ll find rooms that cost between $3000 and $15,000 but we have decorated rooms with a budget $1500 all the way up to $100, 000 (that, dear readers, is not a typo).

Some clients prefer to let us come up with a design first and talk budgets later, so not to restrict the creative process, while some others have pooled their savings and have a set amount. Now that we’ve listed our consultation fee price guide on our website, potential client’s can approach us with more certainty on their total project spend.
If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a room makeover this year. What better time than now get a better understanding of how we budget for the average room design. In today’s blog, I have compared a room with a larger budget to a room with a smaller budget to illustrate what potential costs are involved in the average room makeover.


I’m immensely proud of both of these spaces and I wouldn’t change a thing in either of them. A BIGGER BUDGET DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN A BETTER ROOM.

I firmly believe that it’s the items that you select that determine the success of a space, not how much you spent. In both of these spaces we used our budget to it’s absolute fullest and were thrilled with the end result of both rooms.


All prices given are indicative, not actual item prices. That wouldn’t be fair to our clients and we like to respect their privacy.

Room 1: $8000

Custom made upholstered bed: $1800
Gold Fleck rug: $1600
Custom made paper chandelier: $450
Throw Blanket: $350
Artwork $300
Custom Framing $150
Wallpaper: $300
Wallpaper installation: $400
Book racks: $199
TeePee: $300

As you can see, we chose some really beautiful, great quality pieces and decided to go bespoke on a few items too. For this client, having a unique room was her priority. Above, you can see that we’ve already spent a good portion of our budget before we’ve bought a desk chair, bed linen, cushion and accessories.

In comparison, let’s have a closer look at another popular room of ours. For this client, the bed was existing, so if this is an option for you too, I definitely recommend reusing any furniture items that still work well and look good.

Room 2: $3000

Bed: Existing
Cabinet: $500
A light: $200
Rug: $250
Stool: $230
Lamp: $80
Wall decals: $80
Artwork: $200
Ikea Frame: $60
Book Racks: $15 each

This client was amazing, and very style conscious! She was happy to spend a bit more on top of the bed she had already purchased but didn’t want the total room spend to be too high. I completely understood and selected items that were going to keep her budget in check but transformed the space. You don’t HAVE to spend a lot to create a really beautiful room but you do need to choose wisely.

A great exercise is to sit down and work out what items you would like to purchase for your project, then allocate a value to what you would be willing to spend on that item. If you don’t want to use $1800 of your total budget on a custom made bed, why not consider a bed frame from Incy Interiors for $600? That’s $1200 back in your budget!

After your budgeting exercise, you might find that you’d like consider one of our design packages, which you can find more information about here and here. Not only can we save you time, but we can guide you on where to spend your money and where to save, PLUS we have access to amazing products with designer pricing that you can only access as our clients. Whether you go it alone or bring in the professionals, you spend $2000 or $20000, your little ones room should be as fun to plan as it is to live in.

Happy Decorating!
Bel x













A Nursery for Harvey

Boy's Nursery - Petite Interior Co.

Earlier this year, after following each other for the longest time, Danielle from Budu Baby (creator of absolutely the most divine baby carriers and bags that I have ever seen) engaged my services to design her baby-son-to-be’s room. It’s always an honour when I’m asked to be part of such a special time for any family and on a professional level, I was thrilled to finally get to work with Danielle.

We set to work to create a nursery that was equally playful and stylish, with elements that would grow with baby Harvey and his family for years to come. Danielle loved grey and blue and I suggested that we add some timber elements to add to the overall cosiness of the room.

To say that I’m thrilled with how the space turned out is an understatement. Without Danielle’s trust and an incredible list of amazing suppliers, rooms like this just simply wouldn’t be possible. You can find a full supplier list at the end of this post!

Danielle's Nursery Design concept

Danielle’s Nursery Design concept

boys nursery - petite interior co

boys nursery - petite interior co

boys nursery petite interior co

boys nursery petite interior co


boys nursery petite interior co

boys nursery petite interior co

Cot and Change Table – Teeny Range from Incy Interiors 
Rug – Morrocan Trellis from Happy as Larry
Chair – Manhattan Rocker from Hobbe
Artwork – Koala Matey from Violet Eyes 
Artwork – Rainbow Buddy fron Violet Eyes 
Wall Decals – Come Sail Away from The Lovely Wall co
Cot Linen – Camomile London from Leo and Bella
Cot Blanket – Camomile London from Leo and Bella 
House Storage – Ferm Living from Leo and Bella
Fox Cushion – Camomile London from Leo and Bella
House Cushion – Camomile London from Leo and Bella
Shelf – Wally Wombat from One. Two. Tree
Change Table storage baskets – Rope Capsules from Willow and Wood
Change Table storage baskets – Rope Pods from Willow and Wood 
Beautiful items used for styling from Norsu Interiors

Styled By – The Eyespy Milkbar 
Photographed By – Rachel Winton Photography

Featured In the latest MINTY MAGAZINE. Purchase your copy here

As always, if you’d like help with your little one’s room design, please email hello@petiteinteriorco.com.au

Friday Finds! October week #2


Welcome to Friday finds! Today it’s all about the cute things we’ve discovered for boys in the past week. In upcoming posts of Friday finds, we’ll be sure to include lots of pieces for older and younger boys and the products that have been sent to us for consideration. Friday finds are a little round up of some of the great products we’ve found while working on client spaces that particular week, so it will also give you an idea of the rooms we’ve been working on!

We hope you find something you love!

Bel + The Petite Interior Co. team x


  1. Laterite Wolf – Kido Store – Shop here 
  2. Koala Matey Poster – Violet Eyes – Shop here
  3. Restore Storage Basket – Living Edge – Shop here
  4. Muuto Unfold Pendant – Surrounding Australia – Shop here 
  5. Sausage Dog throw – Castle and Things – Shop here
  6. Leaf Cushion – Donna Wilson – Shop here
  7. Birdie Blanket – Uimi – Shop here 
  8. Batman Print – Society 6 – Shop here
  9. Whale Bed Linen – Country Road – Shop here
  10. Lego Storage Brick – Zavvi – Shop here 

Happy Shopping!


Friday Finds! October week #1


We recently put a poll on Instagram asking our followers what they would like to see more of from Petite Interior Co. “Product Finds” was the clear winner, though we hope to show a little more behind the scenes and personal stuff very soon! So without further ado, I welcome you to our very first Friday Finds! Each week we’ll present you with products we’re loving for kids spaces, starting with a lovely selection of our favourite things for girls spaces. We’ll break each month down into 4 categories – Girls rooms, Boys rooms, Nurseries and Playrooms! Hopefully you’ll find that perfect piece that you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve seen some new things that you think we’d love, please feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment below.

An honourable mention must go to Little P for Little People, whose new rugs JUST dropped into my inbox before pushing this post live. I adore them and I think you will too! Definitely worth checking out!




  1. Bed Drape | Leo and Bella – shop here
  2. Accent Chair – Amart furniture – shop here
  3. Bunny wall hanging – Boramiri – shop here
  4. Bed Linen – Country Road – shop here
  5. Cloud Light – Ginger Rock Designs – shop here
  6. Pom Pom Stool – Adairs – shop here
  7. Cases – Belle and Co. – shop here
  8. Pom Pom Blanket – Country Road – shop here
  9. Moon Wall hanging/mobile – Boramiri – shop here
  10. Rug – Land of Nod – shop here

We hope you love this week’s edition of Friday Finds! Please let us know if this is something you’d love for us to keep doing!

Bel and the Petite Interior Co. Team x

Hiring an Interior Designer will save you Money.

Before I started Petite Interior Co., almost 5 years ago, I remember my husband looking at me with concerned eyes when I told him that I’d like to open a Children’s Interior Design Studio, ‘Honey’ he said, placing a  hand on my knee, ‘I just don’t think anyone is going to hire you’.

And in typical Bel fashion, I pushed ahead anyway.

Hundreds and hundreds of rooms later, it’s safe to say that he ate his words, but it wasn’t the last time that I’ve been questioned about whether Children’s Interior Design is a real ‘thing’ that parents do. I’m hired for many reasons and each client is always very different, but there’s definitely a need for this specialised type of interior design as families get busier and busier. Today I’d love share some common reasons why client’s engage our services and perhaps if you’re considering working with a designer (for any room in your home), this may shed a little light on some of the many benefits.

Penelope's Room

  1. Working with an interior designer will save you money.

Don’t get me wrong, interior design is an investment and Children’s rooms, while usually small, can still be costly spaces to decorate. Whether you’re starting a nursery from scratch or updating an existing room, once you’ve added a few large furniture pieces, wallpaper and and a rug, most rooms are heading into the thousands of dollars. Children’s Interior designers are not only familiar with products in the children’s stores and retailers, but have a good understanding of what’s available in the larger design market that suit children’s rooms. We have great skills when it comes to mixing high and low end pieces to strike that perfectly balanced look. Designers can also advise client’s on which pieces will provide them with the maximum impact for their decorating dollars. Should I invest in wallpaper or would a large art piece be more impactful? Client’s working with designers generally purchase less, but purchase well. You also won’t be buying anything unnecessarily that doesn’t work with your room. Your designer won’t let you make expensive mistakes.

Oh, and have you heard about ‘designer discounts’? Most larger design studios will happily pass these onto their clients, meaning your consultation fees are usually negated by the discounts you’ll receive. Sometimes, your interior designer is even free. You’re welcome.


  1. Say Goodbye to overwhelm.

Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic resources but if you’re the kind of person that gets overwhelmed by lots of beautiful things, it’s easy to lose direction and sight of your vision. A great interior designer can help you better understand your personal style and guide you when it comes to making product selections. Instead of being overwhelmed by 100 different cushions, we’ll present you with 5 of the best, that suit your taste, space AND budget. Have you seen two rooms that you love on instagram? We’ll help you take the things you love about both styles and create something uniquely yours.

It’s no wonder that the interior designer/client bond is so strong!

Pretti's Room Tour

  1. They know how to do all the technical stuff.

Interior Designers have a myriad of cool programs at their disposal, all designed to assist their clients to make the big decisions when it comes to their homes. From mood boards, through to our 3D renders, we’re always at the forefront of design technology in our studio, because it helps us help our clients visualise what their completed rooms will look like. Are you trying to get the most from a small or awkward space? Maybe you have a huge space and just don’t know what to do with it all? What can you add to a space so it’s visually pleasing but ALSO inspiring for your child?

Your designer can present you with ideas and layouts that you would have never considered. Building a new home? A designer can bring your whole interior to life before a single brick is laid!

Nursery 3D Render


  1. We’re besties with the all the amazing suppliers.

And we’ve also got some great relationships with fabric suppliers, wallpaper suppliers and artists. Who sees all the beautiful new ranges and products before the public? The designers do! So if you’re on the hunt for something specific or you’re just not finding what you’re looking for, chances are, your designer knows just where to find it.

We’ve also been known to call in favours for our clients, so if you’re working with a designer, ask them to see if you can get your product a bit sooner/in a different colour/ or a different size!

Ava's Room Tour

And lastly,

  1. The design process is FUN!

Designers are so happy because they literally have the best job in the world. It’s a proven fact. If you’re not enjoying the process of designing your child’s room, consider bringing in an expert. They’ll help to get you back on the right track and put a concept together that reflects the things your little one loves, with the functionality your family needs.

Olivia's Room Tour

Bel Kurtz and the Petite Interior Co. team would love to assist you if you have any questions, requests or help with your project email hello@petiteinteriorco.com.au