Introducing – Rookie Humans

There are some products that come across my desk that align so perfectly with our design philosophies and are so utterly adorable, we need share them in more detail. One of our biggest tips when choosing bedlinen for your nursery is to steer away from matching sets and instead, look for interesting cot sheets that you can match back with a beautiful blanket and a cushion or two. I’m sure you’ll agree when you see them, that cot sheets don’t get much cuter than these from Rookie Humans.

As parents of a 6 and 8 year old, with no chance of more babies on the horizon, it was pretty entertaining for Dean and I to put a cot together again (this one is the Teeny from Incy Interiors). But I really couldn’t resist turning a corner of Asher’s room into a beautiful nursery and taking a few snaps of these beautiful cot sheets. Rookie Humans cot sheets were inspired by the owners desire to create beautiful backdrops of her sleeping baby and when you really think about it, it’s a genius concept. With so many hours spent admiring her sleeping little one, she wondered why cot sheets weren’t designed in a more imaginative way and the idea for these beautifully illustrated sheets were born. It’s so beautiful to imagine these illustrations surrounding your bub.

The Moon’s Birthday – Shop here

The thing I loved most about the brand is that if you want really girly or boyish options, they are available BUT you also have a huge gender neutral range which is perfect when setting up a nursery and you’re not sure what you’re having. I used all of these designs in Asher’s very pink room but I think you’ll agree, they would be just as amazing for a little boys nursery.

Underwater Love – Shop here

Dive In – Shop Here 

Rookie Humans sheets are beautifully packaged and make the perfect gift for a new parent or parent to be. They are really well priced and ship to Australia! With just a few accessories and a beautiful blanket draped over the side, I don’t think your little ones cot will ever look more whimsical. I’m super impressed with brand and so thrilled to be recommending them to you.

Thank you to Vellum Studios for his amazing photography!

Bel x

Project Dream Room – Episode 1

The mixed gender sibling shared room. It’s enough to make any interior designer run for the hills! How on earth are you meant to compromise on a colour scheme and overall style that both children love? Thankfully, we’ve tackled a few of these projects in our time and have put together an episode that shows how YOU can incorporate the favourite themes and colours of both your children, without compromising on style.

I think you’ll agree, the finished space is MUCH different to the before and I’d love to share some of my favourite tips to create the ultimate sibling Dream Room.

Tip 1: Incorporate pops of colour that both kids love, into zones just for them. We did this with the robe doors, the lamps and the cushion combinations on the bed. We kept all other shared spaces fairly neutral with beautiful paint colours from Haymes. Did you know that you could actually paint the fronts of these sliding robes? We used Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultraseal first and then the following colours on the rest of the room:

Sylvie’s Sliding door – Streamwood 2163
Tommy’s Sliding door – Greyology 5
Shared Sliding door – Light Admiralty Grey 4024
Cabinetry – China Blue 4022
Walls – Greyology 3

Wallpaper – These Walls – Piper wallpaper, White on Storm 

Tip 2: Personalise your space! This is a great way to make each zone a little bit more special. We used these great custom wall tattoos from Louis Luxe.

Tip 3: Create Symmetry wherever you can. Look for bedlinen and pillowcases that are available in the same pattern and type but many different colour ways.
My absolute go-to’s for all the shared rooms I design are Uimi and Castle and Things. 

Hunting For George create amazing bedlinen with a great range of fun patterns. I’ve chosen the Eskimo set here which has a really subtle polk – dot and doesn’t clash with the wallpaper!

Shop the Quilt Cover sets HERE
Shop the Round Cushions HERE
Shop the Patterned Cushions HERE 
Shop the Coloured Pillow Cases HERE
Shop the Thumbs Up print HERE

Your furniture selections are super important when planning your shared room. I chose these house beds from Fantastic Furniture because not only did I love the shape, but the timber colour brought some great warmth to the space. The bedside tables and lamps were also from Fantastic Furniture and I love that they come in so many different colours. What surprised me most about this room was how high end the overall look was, when many of the items were so affordable.

Shop the Beds HERE
Shop the Bedside tables HERE
Shop the Lamps HERE

Tip 4: Add multiple zones to encourage your kids to use their room for more than just sleep! We were so luck that this room already had a great inbuilt desk and I just loved the prospect of giving it a complete makeover. We replaced the handles with these gorgeous knobs from Lo + Co and added one of my favourite desk accessories, a pin board by Al+Em. Having two chairs means Tommy and Sylvie can work here together or with a friend. We also chose this wonderful 2 seater sofa from Fantastic Furniture, which was the perfect size for under the window. Even if you don’t have a room as large as this one, creating zones for relaxation and play is a great way to ensure longevity in your shared room design.

Shop the Pinboards HERE
Shop the Cushions HERE
Shop the Chairs HERE
Shop the Drawer Knobs HERE
Shop the Sofa HERE
Shop the Rug HERE
Shop the Awesome Print HERE

Tip 5: Utilise your exisiting storage first, then add some fun pieces based on your child’s needs. We were very lucky that this room has so much existing storage. One side of the cupboard each for clothes and then whole other cupboard for toys and other bits and pieces. We included two of these rope baskets from Munchkin and Bear to capture any things that might need new homes. Isn’t this Hunting for George rainbow print the cutest?

Shop the Baskets HERE
Shop the print HERE

We hope you love the first episode of Project Dream Room as much as we loved putting it together for you! Send a very special thank you to Fantastic Furniture and all the other wonderful brands for working with us on this episode. Sending a very special thank you to Rachel and Steve from Ipaper and Paint for their flawless finish as always. Another big thank to Steve from Vellum Studios for his beautiful images. These are two suppliers that I can’t recommend highly enough.

Lastly, thank you to Stacey for allowing us to makeover her room AND to Lemon Tree Film House for capturing this wonderful video. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for our next room makeovers!

If you’d like anymore information on creating your own Dream Room with us, email

Beautiful finishing touches for Children’s Rooms

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely made it through your children’s room decorating project. All the big decisions have been made and you’re feeling pretty darn proud of your decorating efforts. Well done!

But you may also be thinking ‘Hmmm, there’s just something missing?’. More than likely, if a room is feeling incomplete at that point, it may just require a few additional final flourishes. It’s these last touches, we’ve found, that can elevate a room from just ‘finished’ to incredible. Here’s some of our favourite items to accessorise your completed space.

Toys and Shaped cushions in colour schemes to complement your room. Leo and Bella have an incredible selection, also check out Nana Huchy, Suella and Little Willow Vintage.


Books – we’ve written another blog post with some of favourite children’s books that we use for decorating purposes (they are a lovely read too!)


A great pen holder with our very favourite pencils and felt pens! We’ve had SO many requests about this caddy – it’s from Verso Design (you may have to google it for availability in your country!)


My favourite pencils are plain timber and I purchase them from Officeworks, you can find the direct link by tapping the image.


You can find the felt pens by tapping the image above!


Paper creations and Pennant Flags add a beautiful hand made touch to your little one’s rooms. You can find some of my favourite flags by tapping the above image. Can’t find what you’re looking for? DIY


And finally! Flowers and plants. Fresh or faux, it’s really up to you.




Dahlia’s Room Tour – with Adairs

I had a the pleasure of working with Danielle on her son Harvey’s room last year,  so when she asked me back to design a space for her daughter Dahlia this year, I was thrilled. They had recently moved house and wanted to give Dahlia a beautiful big girls room that would last her well into her teen years. My brief for the project was a feminine and soft colour palette of pinks and greys and Dahlia particularly loved the idea of a vanity area.

While designing Dahlia’s room, I received an email from Minnie and Me Interiors with a sneak peek of their new wallpaper collection design by Bek Halliday. I feel so privileged when a brand reaches out to me ahead of a launch and I just knew this wallpaper design would be the perfect foundation for a beautiful girls rooms. Luckily Danielle loved the wallpaper too and we secured the first print run of this incredible paper for Dahlia.

With the wallpaper and paint selected, the search typically begins for the perfect furniture pieces to complement the chosen colour scheme. I already knew of the Sienna Console from Adairs  (because when you design so many girls rooms, you make it your business to know where all the pink furniture is!) and thought it would make the perfect vanity. As we began to pull different furniture items for the rest of the room, I discovered just how many pieces from Adairs furniture range were working in the space and with the colour scheme. In fact, we were able to source all of our major furniture and linen pieces from one store, without the room feeling even the slightest bit matchy matchy! With just a few additional pieces we were able to design a perfectly balanced space around a majority Adairs foundation. It just goes to show, you don’t have to scour the globe for that collected and curated look. It’s all right here at home!

Summer from Little Rae Prints is a great friend of mine and I’m lucky enough to get a little sneak peek of her new designs from time to time. I was so excited that this new Unicorn piece worked so beautifully with the room. The plain pink background doesn’t compete with the wallpaper at all, which is an important consideration when hanging art on quite a busy wallpaper.  Dahlia’s beautiful rug is from Langdon Ltd. (which is also available in our store!) and it was also an item that I was just dying to use!! The fringing and the soft pink colour make it such a special piece. It also comes in white, black and mustard!

I really hope you love this room as much as I do! You can shop the beautiful pieces in Dahlia’s room from the suppliers below:

Dahlia’s Shopping List

Maison Bed Head in Diamond Pink Queen Size from Adairs – Shop here
Sienna Collection Console in Pink from Adairs – Shop here
Sienna Collection Bedside Tables in white from Adairs – Check in store
Oakland Ottoman in Rose Pink from Adairs – Shop here
Como Quilt Cover in Silver from Adairs – Shop here
Paint – Haymes Grey Impressions
Mirror from Petite Interior Co. Shop – Shop here
Sybilla Settee from Incy Interiors – Shop here
Wallpaper from Minnie and Me Interiors – Shop here
Wall Hanging from Norsu Interiors – Shop here
Desk Lamp from Livly – Shop here
Bedside Lamps from Norsu Interiors – Shop here
Wall Shelf from H + G Designs – Shop here
Rug from Langdon Ltd – Shop here
Unicorn Print from Little Rae Prints – Shop here

It was such a pleasure to work with Adairs and all the other beautiful brands involved to bring this room together. You can follow Danielle via @kingandholland. A big thank you also goes to Rachel Winton Photography for her beautiful photos and Kristy from Minnie and Me Interiors who styled the room for the shoot. If you’d like to create a room like this at your place, email






A Play and Study room for Catherine and Genevieve.

You will likely be familiar with these two rooms:

Which we created for two lovely sisters back in 2015.
There’s no greater complement as a designer than to be asked back to a client’s home for a second time. This time, to create the perfect study/play space for her beautiful daughters. We built up so much trust through our first experience, that she handed the creative reigns over to me and said ‘I’m happy for you to do what you like, I know it will be stunning’.

As a designer, it was music to my ears and of course, the possibilities were endless. The room needed to be gorgeous, of course, but above all else, it needed to be practical for their specific requirements. There’s no point creating a space like this if it doesn’t address the key frustrations of their previous playroom. I spent a lot of time getting to know what didn’t work in their previous space, what the girls enjoyed doing and what the long term vision for the room was. I understood very quickly that it was important to my client that the girls had a multi-purpose space that they could use for studying, but also family game night, school projects and colouring! Our plans for desks across the the back two walls were quickly changed because in that configuration, the girls wouldn’t be able to work together – which is something they really enjoyed.

The room we created is real hub for this family. Mostly thanks to the incredible desk. The entire family can sit together and work on a school project, or play a board game. When the girls have friends over, there’s enough room for everyone. Jess and I drew up the plans for the desk, chose the colours and handles and had the team at Creative Co. build it for us. We estimate that it weighs about 300kgs. Yep, she’s huge.

The rest of the room was created in a soft and feminine colour scheme. The room just feels good to be in. But it’s also amazingly functional.

You might be asking where all the toys are in this playroom? Lucky for our client, there’s a walk in robe off this room which creates the perfect place to store all the toys when they’re not in use. I wonder if I can have robes off every toy room we create?

I hope you love this room as much as I do. If you’d like some help creating the perfect functional space for your home, please email



How to Budget for your Design Project

As an Interior Designer, I get to know my clients on a pretty personal level. We’re invited into their homes, we get a deep understanding of their day to day lives and we need to have quite a few frank conversations about money! One of our most frequently asked money questions is ‘what does the average room cost?’
And the short answer to that question really depends on what the client thinks is average! We’re not here to say that one is better than the other, it really comes down to personal preference and circumstances.

At Petite Interior Co. we work with clients with most budgets.
(and I only say most because in some instances a client may be better off putting their entire budget towards their furniture).

In our portfolio you’ll find rooms that cost between $3000 and $15,000 but we have decorated rooms with a budget $1500 all the way up to $100, 000 (that, dear readers, is not a typo).

Some clients prefer to let us come up with a design first and talk budgets later, so not to restrict the creative process, while some others have pooled their savings and have a set amount. Now that we’ve listed our consultation fee price guide on our website, potential client’s can approach us with more certainty on their total project spend.
If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a room makeover this year. What better time than now get a better understanding of how we budget for the average room design. In today’s blog, I have compared a room with a larger budget to a room with a smaller budget to illustrate what potential costs are involved in the average room makeover.


I’m immensely proud of both of these spaces and I wouldn’t change a thing in either of them. A BIGGER BUDGET DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN A BETTER ROOM.

I firmly believe that it’s the items that you select that determine the success of a space, not how much you spent. In both of these spaces we used our budget to it’s absolute fullest and were thrilled with the end result of both rooms.


All prices given are indicative, not actual item prices. That wouldn’t be fair to our clients and we like to respect their privacy.

Room 1: $8000

Custom made upholstered bed: $1800
Gold Fleck rug: $1600
Custom made paper chandelier: $450
Throw Blanket: $350
Artwork $300
Custom Framing $150
Wallpaper: $300
Wallpaper installation: $400
Book racks: $199
TeePee: $300

As you can see, we chose some really beautiful, great quality pieces and decided to go bespoke on a few items too. For this client, having a unique room was her priority. Above, you can see that we’ve already spent a good portion of our budget before we’ve bought a desk chair, bed linen, cushion and accessories.

In comparison, let’s have a closer look at another popular room of ours. For this client, the bed was existing, so if this is an option for you too, I definitely recommend reusing any furniture items that still work well and look good.

Room 2: $3000

Bed: Existing
Cabinet: $500
A light: $200
Rug: $250
Stool: $230
Lamp: $80
Wall decals: $80
Artwork: $200
Ikea Frame: $60
Book Racks: $15 each

This client was amazing, and very style conscious! She was happy to spend a bit more on top of the bed she had already purchased but didn’t want the total room spend to be too high. I completely understood and selected items that were going to keep her budget in check but transformed the space. You don’t HAVE to spend a lot to create a really beautiful room but you do need to choose wisely.

A great exercise is to sit down and work out what items you would like to purchase for your project, then allocate a value to what you would be willing to spend on that item. If you don’t want to use $1800 of your total budget on a custom made bed, why not consider a bed frame from Incy Interiors for $600? That’s $1200 back in your budget!

After your budgeting exercise, you might find that you’d like consider one of our design packages, which you can find more information about here and here. Not only can we save you time, but we can guide you on where to spend your money and where to save, PLUS we have access to amazing products with designer pricing that you can only access as our clients. Whether you go it alone or bring in the professionals, you spend $2000 or $20000, your little ones room should be as fun to plan as it is to live in.

Happy Decorating!
Bel x














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