As an Interior Designer, I get to know my clients on a pretty personal level. We’re invited into their homes, we get a deep understanding of their day to day lives and we need to have quite a few frank conversations about money! One of our most frequently asked money questions is ‘what does the average room cost?’
And the short answer to that question really depends on what the client thinks is average! We’re not here to say that one is better than the other, it really comes down to personal preference and circumstances.

At Petite Interior Co. we work with clients with most budgets.
(and I only say most because in some instances a client may be better off putting their entire budget towards their furniture).

In our portfolio you’ll find rooms that cost between $3000 and $15,000 but we have decorated rooms with a budget $1500 all the way up to $100, 000 (that, dear readers, is not a typo).

Some clients prefer to let us come up with a design first and talk budgets later, so not to restrict the creative process, while some others have pooled their savings and have a set amount. Now that we’ve listed our consultation fee price guide on our website, potential client’s can approach us with more certainty on their total project spend.
If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a room makeover this year. What better time than now get a better understanding of how we budget for the average room design. In today’s blog, I have compared a room with a larger budget to a room with a smaller budget to illustrate what potential costs are involved in the average room makeover.


I’m immensely proud of both of these spaces and I wouldn’t change a thing in either of them. A BIGGER BUDGET DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN A BETTER ROOM.

I firmly believe that it’s the items that you select that determine the success of a space, not how much you spent. In both of these spaces we used our budget to it’s absolute fullest and were thrilled with the end result of both rooms.


All prices given are indicative, not actual item prices. That wouldn’t be fair to our clients and we like to respect their privacy.

Room 1: $8000

Custom made upholstered bed: $1800
Gold Fleck rug: $1600
Custom made paper chandelier: $450
Throw Blanket: $350
Artwork $300
Custom Framing $150
Wallpaper: $300
Wallpaper installation: $400
Book racks: $199
TeePee: $300

As you can see, we chose some really beautiful, great quality pieces and decided to go bespoke on a few items too. For this client, having a unique room was her priority. Above, you can see that we’ve already spent a good portion of our budget before we’ve bought a desk chair, bed linen, cushion and accessories.

In comparison, let’s have a closer look at another popular room of ours. For this client, the bed was existing, so if this is an option for you too, I definitely recommend reusing any furniture items that still work well and look good.

Room 2: $3000

Bed: Existing
Cabinet: $500
A light: $200
Rug: $250
Stool: $230
Lamp: $80
Wall decals: $80
Artwork: $200
Ikea Frame: $60
Book Racks: $15 each

This client was amazing, and very style conscious! She was happy to spend a bit more on top of the bed she had already purchased but didn’t want the total room spend to be too high. I completely understood and selected items that were going to keep her budget in check but transformed the space. You don’t HAVE to spend a lot to create a really beautiful room but you do need to choose wisely.

A great exercise is to sit down and work out what items you would like to purchase for your project, then allocate a value to what you would be willing to spend on that item. If you don’t want to use $1800 of your total budget on a custom made bed, why not consider a bed frame from Incy Interiors for $600? That’s $1200 back in your budget!

After your budgeting exercise, you might find that you’d like consider one of our design packages, which you can find more information about here and here. Not only can we save you time, but we can guide you on where to spend your money and where to save, PLUS we have access to amazing products with designer pricing that you can only access as our clients. Whether you go it alone or bring in the professionals, you spend $2000 or $20000, your little ones room should be as fun to plan as it is to live in.

Happy Decorating!
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